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The Australian Cashmere Growers Association Inc (ACGA)

What is the ACGA?

The ACGA is the Australian Cashmere industry's co-ordinating body. It is wholly owned and funded by Cashmere producers. The Federal Executive Council is made up of producer elected representatives, from all regions in Australia and is backed up by semi autonomous regional committees in all states.

The Cashmere growers who comprise the membership of the ACGA delight in both the interesting animals with which they work and the superb fibre which those animals produce. They are part of a relatively new, exciting and developing Australian industry, an industry involved in the development of The Australian Cashmere. Today, new growers can take advantage of the achievements made by long time dedicated growers, who have relished the challenge and developed this new Cashmere animal.

What is Australian Cashmere?

Australian Cashmere is a unique, sensuous and rare natural fibre.
Unique, in that it is super soft, light, warm and has its own very special lustre, which gives the fibre vitality.
Sensuous, because it feels wonderful against bare skin.
Rare, for only a limited number of animals grow this superb fibre.

Cashmere Goat

Cashmere Goat
Allendale 2005

Cashmere Goat
Cashdown 2006
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