ACGA merrrit

This application works best with chrome or firefox.


How the data is managed?

  1. The breeder formats their herd data using the headings found in the Merrrit template and saves it as a comma separated data file (that is filename.csv)
  2. Data is uploaded across the internet into the ACGA Merrrit database.
  3. Data is assumed to be public except in special circumstances.
  4. On the 31st of October, 31st January, 30th April and 31st July each year, data is downloaded, error checked and prepared for the EBV program.
  5. Australian Cashmere EBVs are calculated, circulated to contributing growers and all public data is published.

Public face

Anyone accessing the site can see the public face.

Private face

To see the private face, it is necessary to log onto the system. The identity for logon is the ACGA three letter herdcode and a nominated password.

When logged on, an ACGA member can see all of their data including any that they have nominated as private. They are not able to see the private data of other members.

All industry data is used for EBV calculations.

Source code

The source code is licensed under the GPL.