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Industry Background
Animal Health
Fibre Production
Fibre Marketing
Meat Production and Marketing
Pasture and Weed Control
Economic Analysis
Tanning Skins
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Australian Goat Notes

The printed version of Australian Goat Notes aimed to bring together in one place the wisdom of long time practitioners and industry researchers. The internet changes in time, research data and wisdom is lost as web sites are modified. The online version of Australian Goat Notes aims to provide a stable and structured repository for information related to the management of goats in Australia.

Industry Background

A1 The Australian Bush Goat
A2 Australian Cashmere in Perspective - An Industry Overview
A3 Introduction To Boers
A4 From Angora Goat To Mohair Industry
A6 Condobolin Goats (New material. Work in progress.)


B1 Basic Angora Husbandry
B2 Establishing an Angora Flock
B3 Annual Management Programme For Cashmeres
B4 Fencing for Goats
B5 Points to Note on Fencing
B6 Electric Fencing Hints
B7 Electric Fencing For Vermin and Wildlife: Fencing Design
B8 Yard Designs For Goats
B9 Handling Goats
B10 How to tell the age of goats
B11 Reproductive cycle of goats
B12 Manager's Guide for Breeding Fibre Goats part 1
B13 Manager's Guide for Breeding Fibre Goats part 2
B14 Management at Kidding
B15 Kidding Difficulties
B16 Rearing Orphaned Kids
B17 Intensive Kidding Systems
B18 Ear Tagging Goats
B19 Avoiding weather induced death in goats
B20 Western Division Management of Cashmere Goats
B21 Complementary Grazing of Pastures by Goats, Sheep and Cattle


C1 What do goats really like to eat
C2 Trace element requirement of goats
C3 Selenium in Animal Production
C4 Iodine and the Thyroid Gland
C5 Drought Feeding of Goats
C6 Using Urea in Rations of Drought Fed Cashmere Does
C7 Increasing Cashmere Production with Improved Nutrition

Animal Health

D1 First Aid in Goats
D2 Internal Parasites
D3 Control of Liver Fluke
D4 Tetanus
D5 Enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney)
D6 Abscesses in Goats
D7 Lice on Goats
D8 C.A.E. (Big Knee)
D9 Respiratory Diseases in Goats
D10 Pregnancy Toxaemia and Ketosis in Goats
D11 Coccidiosis and its Control
D12 Yersiniosis
D13 Lameness and Foot Conditions in Goats
D14 Johne's Disease
D15 Sudden Death in Goats
D16 Autopsy of a Goat
D17 Goat Diseases and Human Health


E1 CrossBreeding and selection in Goats
E2 Understanding Inheritance
E3 Breeding Angora Goats
E4 Crossing Angoras with Boers - What you need to know
E5 Breeding plans using Feral Goats
E6 Breeding Cashmere in Australian Goats
E7 Selection of Cashmere Does
E8 Selection of Cashmere Sires

Fibre Growth and Production

F1 Cashmere Growth Cycle and Skin Histology
F2 Special Characteristics of the Fine Fleeced Cashmere Goat
F3 The relative Length of Cashmere and Hair Fibres
F4 Harvesting Cashmere
F5 Shearing Goats: The Go-Down Technique
F6 Ranking on Down Production
F7 Sampling Cashmere fleece for testing
F8 Cashmere, Measurement of Yield and Fibre Diameter
F9 Record keeping and the use of measurement
F10 Computers - A useful tool
F11 Mohair First Management
F12 Producing Quality Mohair - Some Options For Growers
F13 Growing Longer Mohair
F14 Angora Registration & Recording

Fibre Marketing

G1 Cashmere Processor Requirements
G2 Aspects of Marketing the Australian Cashmere Clip
G3 Recognising Basic Fibre Types
G4 Clip Preparation
G5 Middle micron fibre or fibre of 19 to 22 micron ~ A Review
G6 Mohair First Clip Quality
G7 Mohair Goes Objective - Explaining the figures
G8 How Mohair is Valued
G9 Mohair Clip Preparation

Meat Production and Marketing

H1 Aus'meat Goat Meat and Live Goat Languages
H2 Selling Systems
H3 Live Condition Scoring
H4 Pre-slaughter Management of Goats
H5 Preparing to Sell Goats
H7 Meat Carcass and Offal Yields of Goats
H8 Feeding Hay and Grain can Improve Carcass Quality of Angora Kids

Pasture and Weed Control

J1 Weed Control Using Goat
J2 Goats in Pinus Radiata Agroforestry

Economic Analysis

K1 Economic Selection of Enterprises

Tanning Skins

L1 Tanning Goat Skins at Home

Adding Articles

X1 On Line Australian Goat Notes Editing Hints