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Angora Registration & Recording

Why register/record animals?

Animal registration is a traditional method of maintaining quality within a livestock breed. While new methods of performance recording offer much higher levels of breed improvement, not all breeders consider such methods necessary. Registration is generally accepted as a basis for recording the history of a breed.

The breeding record for Australian Angoras goes back to 1949 and the influence of particular animals and breeders can be traced through the published Herd Books. By insisting that animals (particularly males) be registered, control is exercised over quality. Registration becomes a validation statement for animals.

Mohair Australia Limited is the organisation representing the breeders of Angora goats and the producers of mohair, as well as the people and organisations involved in the marketing, processing and selling of mohair and mohair products.

As part of its role in furthering the quality and standard of mohair goats in Australia, Mohair Australia Ltd provides one method of registration for bucks and three registration and recording options for does. These are summarised below.

Animal Registration

Stud breeders are able to individually register their animals, subject to certain basic considerations. Such individually registered animals are referred to as "pedigreed" or "registered" animals because the breed organisation retains a full register of each such animal's pedigree.For such an Angora goat to be registered with Mohair Australia Ltd, there are some basic eligibility rules, namely:

  • The sire and dam must be registered with Mohair Australia Ltd (or another recognised organisation).
  • The animal's identifying ear tattoo (breeder prefix/ tattoo number) must be unique.
  • Only the breeder can apply for the registration.
  • The breeder must be a stud breeder member of Mohair Australia.

The registration application is processed by computer and eligibility checks, including such things as the acceptability of the birth date compared to birth dates of other progeny of the dam and/or sire, are done before a unique herd book number is allocated to the animal and a printed registration certificate is issued. The animal's details are retained on computer and are published in the next (annual) issue of the Mohair Australia Ltd Herd Book.

Progeny Recording

Some stud breeders prefer to retain their own breeding records but to give potential buyers confidence, choose to record the birth and breeding details with Mohair Australia Ltd. When a breeder applies for a "progeny record" for a doe Mohair

Australia Ltd undertakes some basic checks and issues the breeder with an individually numbered progeny record. This progeny record establishes the eligibility of that animal to be subsequently registered. Since Mohair Australia Ltd verifies the eligibility of that "progeny recorded" animal to be registered, the checks are the same as those applying to the registration of an animal.

Note that only does can be progeny recorded. Mohair Australia Ltd does not provide for any recording of bucks, other than registration in the Pure Bred Section of the Herd Book.

On-Farm Recording

Stud breeders may elect to maintain all their animal pedigree records on-farm, without lodging them with Mohair Australia Ltd. If an Angora goat is referred to as "on-farm recorded" it means the breeder only has the breeding data for individual animals. A buyer could not obtain verification of those records from Mohair Australia Ltd.

The female progeny of "on-farm recorded" does may be registered with Mohair Australia Ltd if a full (complete) pedigree is supplied by the breeder. This pedigree must trace back to Registered animals on every line. In effect all sires in the five generation pedigree must be identified and Registered.

The Herd Book Certificate will show "Stud Doe" on the dam line because no record is held.

Stud breeders must be aware that progeny of unregistered bucks cannot be given progeny recorded or registered status.

The Herd Book

The Mohair Australia Ltd Herd Book consists of two parts, the Pure Bred Section and the Appendix Section.

The Pure Bred Section is for goats who, for at least five generations, have no other breed of goat represented and only registered bucks have been used. Both does and bucks can be registered in this Section, but bucks must be the progeny of Pure Bred does

The Appendix Section consists of four subsections. Appendix D is the entry point for does which are the progeny of a registered buck and an unknown doe, or a non-mohair goat doe. The doe progeny of a registered buck and an Appendix D doe is eligible for the Appendix C subsection. The doe progeny of a registered buck and an Appendix C doe is eligible for the Appendix B subsection, and the doe progeny of a registered buck and an Appendix B doe is eligible for the Appendix A subsection. The doe progeny of a registered buck and an Appendix A doe is eligible for the Pure Bred Section. This sequence is referred to as "upgrading".

Male progeny of Appendix Does are not eligible for registration with Mohair Australia.

Some common questions answered.......

    Q.If I am a stud breeder member of Mohair Australia Ltd, must I individually register all my animals?

    A.No. Individually registered animals should represent about the top ten percent of the national herd. There is clearly no need to register an animal that is not part of a stud breeding program.

    Q.If, as a stud breeder member of Mohair Australia Ltd, I choose on-farm recording, can I subsequently individually register one of my animals?

    A.Yes. A doe may be registered with Mohair Australia Ltd provided the breeder furnishes a five-generation pedigree and all bucks used in those five generations are registered with Mohair Australia Ltd.

    Q.If, as a stud breeder member of Mohair Australia, I keep all breeding records, but only register animals as they are used as stud animals, how can I satisfy a potential buyer that a particular animal for sale will be registered with Mohair Australia Ltd?

    A.Progeny record the animal. Mohair Australia Ltd will issue a certificate that confirms that the animal satisfies the registration requirements. The fee for this certificate also includes the transfer of that animal following its initial sale by the breeder.

    Q.What can Mohair Australia Ltd do if the details for registered animals are incorrect?

    A.If the errors are typographical in nature (eg animal's name incorrectly spelt) then a corrected certificate can be issued. At the other extreme, if the errors relate to the correctness of the pedigree details and seem deliberate, the animal's registration could be cancelled and the breeder's membership could be suspended.

    Q.What can Mohair Australia Ltd do if registered animals are not in accordance with the breed and herd book standards?

    A.The animals can be "down-graded", that is, transferred from the Pure Bred Section to an Appendix Section, or deregistered. This has been done in the past.

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