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On Line Australian Goat Notes Editing Hints

  • Charles Esson

Keep it simple

Keep the HTML simple. Many farmers are still using dial up connections, to keep them interested the page must download in a reasonable fashion.

Don 't try and force the display format. You don't know what your page is going to be displayed on, tell the browser that you consider the text to be part of a paragraph, table or list etc., don't try and tell it what font to use or where to put it. The display device has a better chance than you of making things look good. The simplest way to keep it simple is to save the file in html and then delete the unneeded tags ( replace with a null string does in quickly).

The html for the start and end of a goat note page is standard, you only need to provide the page content.


Start you article with your name and any other material related to the articles source.


Life is easier for the editor if the copyright is assigned to the A.C.G.A. End you article with your desired copyright notice; and any small print you desire.

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