Joining the ACGA

Why you should join

  1. Strength in numbers. A strong and dedicated Association can lobby Government Departments for technical and financial assistance for its members.

  2. Be better informed on market trends, statistical analysis and keep abreast generally of what is happening in the Cashmere Industry.

  3. Learn more about your cashmere industry, drench plans, stocking rates and goat husbandry.

  4. Access to specialty advisory services through national and regional representatives of the Association. Up to the minute advice and information about trends from qualified personnel is a benefit to all members.

  5. Improve your business through the information available from the ACGA to you as a member. Information which you receive in the form of publications, e-newsletters, meetings, field days and seminars. With the help of ACGA documents, guidelines and publications you will become more efficient in the way you run your operation.

  6. Increase your business contacts. Every new contact made is a business asset to you. ACGA field days, meetings, conventions, open days and courses provide that opportunity.

  7. Be more professional. Advice from the ACGA properly used will help you be more professional in your on -farm goat practices and increase your fibre returns.

  8. Total Industry Representation. The ACGA represents the entire Cashmere growing industry in Australia. Growers, large and small, all benefit from equal access to services and facilities. Being involved at a regional level, enables you to obtain the greatest benefit from your ACGA membership.

  9. Personal Service. The ACGA management and staff are available to give members personal service as and when required. An after hours telephone update service is available at all times to keep you informed.

  10. Everyone needs a friend. In the ACGA, with an Australia-wide network of producers, there is a friend, who will understand and be able to assist you with your Cashmere problem.


    Having been a member of a number of other livestock breed associations, I can say with confidence, that ACGA membership offers the best value for money and can be considered an excellent investment .
    Trish Esson Cashdown Goats Partnership

Membership Fees

Full Membership $50 (with correspondence via email)
$60 (with posted correspondence)
Associate Membership $25 (with correspondence via email)
  $35 (with posted correspondence)


  1. Associate Membership applies to individuals/partnerships who do NOT own cashmere goats - associate members may attend meetings but have no voting rights.

  2. There is no additional joining fee.

Membership Enquiries

Carolyn Gould
26 Golden Grove Avenue
Kellyville NSW 2155
Phone: (02) 9629 2532